About eMarketChain

eMarketChain is an e-commerce marketplace where anyone can buy and sell different products without paying unfair commissions that have no added value to the middlemen.

  • 0% middleman commissions on every order.

    eMarketChain.co is created especially for the end e-commerce users. Our platform will have neither middleman fees nor any transactional fees. We will put an end to the unfair commissions which you pay to the online stores’ owners.

  • High Project Potential $2 Trillion industry

    In a century where everything surrounding you is digital, it is not surprising that worldwide e-commerce sales reached $2.290 trillion. Furthermore, projections show that by 2021 this number will increase to $4.48 trillion!

  • More profit for sellers and lower prices for buyers. Up to 15%!

    End customers will benefit from 15% lower rates by skipping the middleman commission, without affecting the quality of the product. Thus generating customer satisfaction that will differentiate eMarketChain from all conventional online stores.

  • Decentralized e-commerce engine

    We designed and built eMarketChain – a decentralized multinational e-commerce platform, that facilitates online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eMarketChain will be the first platform which allows end customers to interact with each other without any fees or commissions. In addition to that, we will develop eMarketChain.co – an application that will connect with the decentralized engine.

  • Accepting EMAC tokens as well as BTC and ETH currencies

    eMarketChain’s web-based marketplace will also support conventional payment methods. The marketplace will accept EMAC Tokens, Bitcoins, Ether, Litecoin and fiat currencies via conventional payment methods.

  • Technology security and efficacy

    eMarketChain’s technology uses shared ledger information through a peer-to-peer network that validates information almost instantly. The exchange of data is extremely affordable, the security unparalleled. Furthermore, as a decentralized engine, EMAC tokens’ buying power cannot be influenced by world financial crises, government politics or inflation!

Token Information

Support our marketplace and participate in EMAC tokens sale.

Token Pre-Sale Event Main Token Sale Event
Pre-sale will start on 15th April 2018 and will automatically end when the date becomes 29th April 2018 or Hardcap of 18,000 ETH equivalent in EMAC tokens has been reached (whatever comes first). Total EMAC HARDCAP (Pre-Sale + Main Event) of 32,000 ETH equivalent in EMAC tokens. Main token sale starts on 29th April 2018 and will end when the date becomes 29th May 2018
Pre-Sale capped volume Pre-Sale fixed price Main Sale price determined by Pre-Sale reached volume Main Sale price
Fixed Price for all 18,000 ETH/EMAC 12,000 EMAC per 1 ETH 0 – 10,000 ETH 11,500 EMAC per ETH
10,001 – 20,000 ETH 11,000 EMAC per ETH
20,001 – 30,000 ETH 10,500 EMAC per ETH
30,001 – 32,000 ETH 10,000 EMAC per ETH

Token Allocation

  • 80% Public Sell
  • 10% Reserve for Future Development
  • 10% Retained for Team, Advisors, Community, Early Backers

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Our team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership.

Martin Shoilev
Developer and Co-Founder

Martin has been involved with development for the past 6 years, specializing mostly in e-commerce. Working with one of the biggest retailers worldwide with more than 2 billion yearly revenue. His job as an e-commerce expert was to help them optimize their online stores, improve the speed load and reach more people, which at the end will lead to bigger revenue for them.

Working with almost all possible e-commerce platform like Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), Magento, Hybris, Martin thinks that the time has come for a blockchain oriented e-commerce platform. His passion about the latest technologies and the fact that he is a great fan of blockchain technology-driven projects led him to become one of the founding members of eMarketChain, where in the long-term, he aims to revolutionize the e-commerce industry and shape it to today’s business and customer needs.

Alexander Petsoranski
PM and Co-Founder

Alexander Petsoranski is part of the young and ambitious team that has created eMarcketChain. He has graduated from Ivan Vazov private High School with a profile of computer science, has a master's degree in Law, and currently, he is taking the position as QA Lead Manager at one of the leading IT companies that are creating commerce platforms.

Because of his experience in quality assurance consulting, management and analysis of private firms and start-ups projects, Alexander is positive that in 2 years period, the blockchain technology is going to be integrated in every e-commerce platform world wide. In eMarketChain, he is responsible for the proper collaboration between the various units of the project as well as for delivering the ultimate product that will satisfy every single need of the end user

Konstantin Hadzhiev
CTO and Co-Founder

Konstantin has been living in The Netherlands, one of Europe's most technologically advanced and entrepreneurial countries, for the past 6 years. Obtaining a degree in Software Engineering, he has since been focused in the cybersecurity field - both from the deep technical perspective of a developer, as well as a consultant/security expert for adopting best practices and adhering to compliance policies in different critical organizations.

At eMarketChain, he is responsible for providing technical leadership, by ensuring that the best and most suitable technologies are used, with the goal to meet and exceed the market needs and expectations.

Andrea-Franco Candela
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Before joining the eMarketChain Team, Andrea has worked for the Bulgarian branches of two of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. He has experience with leading clients in the field of banking, telecommunications and technology.

He has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Sofia and a Master’s in Advertising Management and Visual Branding from the New Bulgarian University. Andrea believes that his skills in communications and advertorial copywriting, along with his knowledge and linguistic expertise in the English, Bulgarian and Italian languages are going to help spread the message and the vision of eMarketChain across borders.

Léa Ly Cambiaggio
Marketing Executive

Based in the United Kingdom, Léa has been part of an award winning Online Marketing Agency, having more than 3 years of experience in developing the strategies for e-commerce companies and winning an award for Best Campaign from the EU Search Awards in 2016.

She is also a co-founder of a small creative agency, working with people and companies all over the world. Léa joins us as a key element of our marketing strategy

Jeffrey Sova
US Market Advisor

Jeffrey is an account manager for Smithfield Foods. After only 6 months in the company he has been promoted to a retail sales representative and after half a year in that position, he received another promotion to his role today as a key account manager. He is a director in charge of a team of employees and is orchestrating all of his products to go from production to the final result in grocery stores for the consumer. Jeffrey is an owner of 5 stores in NE Ohio and sells residentially and commercially.

Jeffrey is willing to communicate and make the connection with different retail stores in the US that will be included in our eMarketChain store.

Viktor Pavlov
Asia Market Advisor

He is doing his master's in International Relations at Yonsei University, South Korea.
His first encounter with cryptocurrency is with Ethereum in early 2016, after which he started investing in the crypto space. He is a firm believer that the blockchain world brings technology, economics, finance, and governance together in an unprecedented way.

Viktor will be communicating and making connection with different online and offline retail stores in South Korea and the region, which will be included in our eMarketChain store.

Daniel Petrov
Social Networks Commercial Coordinator

Daniel has graduated from University of Southern Denmark Odense, Southern Region, Denmark with full honors. He is now Commissioning Engineer at Mace. He is very familiar with blockchain technology, and his role as an adviser on this topic is not alien to him.

Daniel is living in Denmark for more than 10 years and he is willing to make the communication with the retail resellers in Denmark.

Ivailo Daskalov
Solidity developer

Ivailo graduated from the Vienna University of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, focusing on Software Development and Robotics Programming. He has been involved in various development projects and is a fan of blockchains’ simple, yet genius idea. Ever since he found out about it, he was certain that the possibilities for implementation and improvement of our current way of life were endless and that this is the future.

Ivailo can help us with building smart contracts and we will use his knowledge in solidity language for connecting our e-commerce platform with the blockchain technology.

Borislav Bliznashki
Front-end developer

After obtaining a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, he has been working on designing several algorithms in the 3D visual industry, as well as being a part of a highly professional 3D printing team.
He also worked as a freelancer focused on front-end development and javascript applications.

At eMarketChain, Borislav will be the connection between designers and dеvelopers, trying to get the best of both worlds.

Antonela Elmazova
UX & UI Designer

Antonela has more than three years of experience in web and graphic design. Before coming to eMarketChain, she had worked on designing infographics and web sites for one of the biggest digital agencies in the UK.

Now Antonela will help us with eMarketChain website development and will focus mostly on improving usability, design, and user experience. With her assist, we hope to get one step closer to making our platform a leading in the e-commerce field.

Katerina Kuzmanova
Financial analyst

А young and really ambitious person with strong expertise in the field of corporate finance and accounting. She has several years of experience as a coordinator between the corporate and the banking world. At the moment she is a part of The Finance team of one of the biggest IT companies in the world and supports the Company in achieving its goals with responsibility for enforcing financial control, reporting and analyzing the business, taxation and treasury and efficient processing of all transactions across the group.

Katerina will keep the eMarcketChain’s accounts, complete tax returns and allocate the funds for their purposes.

Boyko Yordanov
Legal Advisor

A lawyer with considerable experience in civil law, especially in the field of corporate law. Boyko is passionately related to block technologies and legal aspects and the regulatory framework. He has consulted many international projects for nearly a decade and is familiar with the unlimited capabilities of block technology. He is the chairman of the Bar Association in the town of Pleven and a member of the control council of the municipality.

Boyko will play a sufficient role for the eMarcketChain team, writing and reviewing all the legal papers and smart contracts. He will also be the attorney at law presenting eMarcketChain before any legal institution if needed.

Petyo Yakov
Legal Advisor

He has been a lawyer for over 20 years. Specialist in the field of commercial and tax law. Attorney-at-law Yakov is a certified tax specialist and because of that, he will be in charge of all the tax issues in eMarcketChain.
Petyo Yakov is also a specialist in international investment law and a judge in Investment Arbitration Moot court competition.

He is really well prepared in advising eMarcketChain team on issues related to international law climate.


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Development Started

November 2017

Testnet launch on live environment

February 2018

EMAC Token Pre-Sale Launch

15th April 2018

EMAC Token Main Sale

29th April 2018

E-commerce platform Launch

Q1 2019

Final EMAC e-commerce market launch

Q3 2019

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