How can I buy the EMAC Token?

You can find out how to buy EMAC Tokens at

What problem is eMarketChain solving?

We are going to remove the middleman and all added commissions. The current situation in the e-commerce world is working as follows:
The biggest online stores such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. take commissions from you by up to 15%.

  • 3% are going to credit card companies
  • 12% are going to e-commerce platforms

Why give that 15% of your money to something that doesn’t have added value? This is an example of what we are trying to solve – to return the value in your hands.

For more information, please check our video and whitepaper:

What is the Emarketchain marketplace?

Emarketchain is a decentralized marketplace, working on top of blockchain technology, where everyone can post items they would like to sell, and customers can browse and buy, without having to pay any commission on their purchases.

How will Emarketchain remove all commissions?

By utilizing blockchain technology and introducing our own EMAC token, we are able to completely remove all middleman commissions, as well as transfer fees, usually, present during a bank transfer.

Why will Emarketchain accept fiat as well as other cryptocurrencies?

We understand that fully adopting EMAC will take time. We want to give our users the broadest set of tools and payment methods available. That is why, alongside our own EMAC Token, we will make purchases with other cryptocurrencies like ETH and BTC, as well as standard Fiat, available. They will work with the standard fees associated with them.

When will Emarketchain be launched?

We are going to launch our first update on Q3 2018 including working checkout process. The final release is planned to be on Q3 2019. For additional info check at

Where can I see the Emarketchain Smart Contract Implementation?

Will everyone be able to use your platform to buy and sell items?

Yes. Our product is designed especially for the end user. Buyers can buy cheaper products and sellers can sell their goods for their real price.